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  • DR-TB Data Analyst

    MSF in Khayelitsha is looking for a someone with previous working experience with TB/HIV data. He/she will be assisting with the data collection and monitoring and evaluation for the MSF DR-TB database.

    Deadline: 14/08/2015
  • Senior Biostatistician (Grade 6)

    PhD in Biostatistics or Statistics with a strong record of research demonstrated by publications in peer reviewed journals and collaborations in peer-reviewed funded projects.

    Deadline: 14/08/2015

    The appointed candidate will be responsible for providing statistical support and methodological advice for studies conducted at CAPRISA. They will also be responsible for statistical analysis of studies, writing up of results, as well as providing monthly reports on studies.

    Deadline: 31/08/2015
  • Program Manager, Sustainable Health Financing

    The Programme Manager will oversee and execute projects quantifying the financial gaps in the health sector, helping the government make health financing policy decisions through targeted use of collected data.

    Deadline: 15/04/2016
  • Associate Malaria

    Provide assistance to the NMCP in the development and implementation of the national malaria elimination strategy, monitoring and evaluation plan, and operational plans.

    Deadline: 28/04/2016
  • Volunteer Analyst, Drug Access Team

    Analyze HIV and TB treatment and testing data to inform improved drug practices.

    Deadline: 28/04/2016
  • Associate, Drug Access Team

    Coordinate CHAI Access team’s technical assistance to the Ministry of Health (MoH) Central Medical Stores (CMS), to ensure coordinated and complementary support across HIV, PMTCT, TB and Malaria.

    Deadline: 28/04/2016
  • Program Coordinator, Vaccines Delivery

    The Program Coordinator will have 4 main responsibilities critical to the effectiveness and efficiency of CHAI’ s vaccines delivery program.

    Deadline: 28/04/2016
  • Biostatistician

    To perform biostatistical consultations for ocular research, participate in the randomized controlled trial data coordinating center, and pursue their own funded research program.

    Deadline: 11/06/2016
  • Country Director

    CHAI is currently seeking candidates for the position of Country Director to manage its new office in Sierra Leone and provide overall management and strategic direction to CHAI’s efforts.

    Deadline: 12/07/2016
PHASA news

PHASA news

  • Department of Health and traditional health practitioners collaboration in the Western Cape

    by Msokoli Qotole
    Department of Health and traditional health practitioners collaboration in the Western Cape
    The Department of Health in the Western Cape signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Western Cape Inyangi Forum recently. This represents a major milestone in relations between these two sectors in health care provision. In South Africa there is the Traditional Health Practitioners Interim Council Act of 2007 that recognized for the first time the involvement of traditional health practitioners (THPs) in health care. The signing of the MOU and the development of the Act came after many decades of a conflictual relationship between the two sectors. read more
  • SABINA: Building Collaborative Partnerships in Natural Products

    by Jessika Samuels
    SABINA: Building Collaborative Partnerships in Natural Products
    SABINA (Southern African Biochemistry and Informatics for Natural Products) is a vibrant and diverse network of researchers focusing on Natural Products. With the understanding that natural products play a significant role in alleviating the interlinked issues of food security, health and nutrition, particularly in developing countries, SABINA proactively implements post-graduate chemistry, biochemistry and bioinformatics programmes to address these issues. read more
  • Global Health and Wellness: Integrating Public Health with Traditional and Complementary Health Practices

    by Elizabeth Sommers
    Global Health and Wellness: Integrating Public Health with Traditional and Complementary Health Practices
    Health care, medicine and public health are rooted in the concept of eradicating human suffering related to illness and disease. Despite many common features, each area offers unique perspectives into specific philosophies and approaches to curing disease, restoring and ensuring health, and promoting wellness. In Africa, traditional medicine and other approaches including integrative, complementary and alternative methods intersect with public health in a number of ways. Optimal health and wellbeing depend on both having access to clinical services as well as individuals’ behaviours and attitudes. read more
  • Nature’s Medicine

    by Namrita Lall
    Nature’s Medicine
    South Africa has a wealthy supply of plants. With about 25 000 known species found here, this country is third only to Brazil and Indonesia as far as biodiversity is concerned. Most people are unaware that a significant percentage of the active ingredients used in modern medicine originated from plants. The goal of my research team (myself and my postgraduate students) is to scientifically explore and test South Africa’s indigenous plants and see which of them could possibly provide chemical compounds that could be of benefit to all mankind. read more
  • Reversing the HIV epidemic in South Africa: an insider’s view?

    by Yogan Pillay
    Reversing the HIV epidemic in South Africa: an insider’s view?
    South African communities have been significantly affected by HIV/AIDS. Whilst we have made some progress in arresting the epidemic, there are still far too many new infections and far too many people not on treatment and being initiated on treatment too late. The task of reaching the MDG targets and our NSP targets depends on an enhanced whole of society response. The Department of Health is ready to scale up our response as outlined in this article. read more
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