Vision, Mission & Strategic Objectives



Together, helping people lead healthy lives


To provide leadership and a collective voice to improve health, through knowledge sharing, capacity building and partnership.


The Public Health Association of South Africa is committed to the following core values

  • Equity
  • Integrity
  • Social responsibility
  • Caring/ compassion/ empathy
  • Partnership
  • Proactive


The organisation is represented on the governing council of both the WORLD Federation of Public Health Associations and the African Federation of Public Health Associations.


PHASA has an executive committee accountable to its members.

All executive members are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a three year term.

The Secretariat is contracted to the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the organization is financially audited annually.

The organisation and management of the organisation is outlined in our Memorandum of Incorporation (MoI)

Additional documents that govern our functions include

  • Funding, Donations and Sponsorship Policy (FDSP). This document provides guidelines for  evaluating potential relationships with external funding entities (EFE)
  • Executive members travel policy
  • Policy document on sub groups
  • Membership Document (in development)
  • Advocacy Strategy (in development)

Strategic Objectives: 2015 – 2020

The strategic focus of the organisation for the next five years will revolve around five strategic themes:

1 To mobilise resources to ensure sustainability of the organisation and the implementation of key activities

Without a strong and effective organisation the other objectives are unlikely to be achieved. The main two components of this objective are to generate sufficient funding and increase membership of the organisation.

2 To provide leadership in coordinating and setting priorities for the public health community in South Africa and beyond

PHASA has a critical role to play in providing leadership in South Africa by identifying key public health priorities. There are many organisations in South Africa which focus on specific public health issues – HIV, TB etc.

PHASA, as a diverse multidisciplinary organization, is therefore in a position to provide leadership on those public health priorities that are not receiving the attention they deserve and in this way improve equity and responsiveness

3 To form a collective voice to influence policy and advocate for public health

PHASA, as a unique organization in South Africa, will aim to become a collective voice for its members to advocate for key public health issues. Through active engagement with policy makers, academics, civil society and the healthcare sector PHASA will harness evidence to be a credible source of information and provider of constructive input to the public health policy discourse.

4 To nurture and develop public health advocates through capacity building and skills development

The future of public health in South Africa lies with young researchers, academics and practitioners. As an organization PHASA will mentors young professionals and enhance their capacity to advocate and take on leadership roles. PHASA intends to become the preferred provider of accredited CPD activities related to public health.

5 To provide a platform for public health practitioners for networking and knowledge sharing

As a multi-disciplinary organization, PHASA will provide a platform for public health professionals to engage debate and learn. We will host annual conferences to provide a platform for cutting edge research to be presented and discussed. In the next five years we will strengthen our communication with the public health community and focus on capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using public health knowledge.

Summary of Strategic Outcomes

1 To mobilize resources to ensure sustainability of the organization and implementation of key activities
1.1 To raise sufficient funds to achieve strategic goals and conduct planned activities
1.2 To grow membership
1.3 To establish a permanent office with permanent staff
2 To provide leadership in building the public health community in SA
2.1 To identify key public health priorities in South Africa
2.2 To align and focus on priorities where PHASA can make the greatest impact
2.3 To grow public health as a discipline
2.4 To recognize the contributions of individuals to public health and improving population health
2.5 To participate in key national and provincial boards, committees and decision making bodies
3 To form a collective voice to influence policy and advocate for public health issues
3.1 To network and partner with other public health organizations in South Africa and beyond
3.2 To raise the profile of public health priority areas
4 To nurture and develop future public health advocates and leaders through capacity building and skills development
4.1 To support young public health researchers
4.2 To provide support to JuPHASA
4.3 To host CPD accredited courses, meetings and workshops to develop public health skills
4.4 To support regional branches in capacity building activities at a local level
5 To provide a platform for PH practitioners for networking and knowledge sharing 
5.1 To hold conferences in order to provide a platform for presentation of relevant high quality public health research
5.2 To establish and maintain functional engaged and dynamic sub groups for networking, sharing best practice and targeted advocacy
5.3 To facilitate a platform for disseminating public health research
5.4 To engage with editorial committees and others to disseminate key public health research
5.5 To develop a repository for public health resources
5.6 To disseminate relevant public health information through various channels