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What is a special interest group (SIG)?

A SIG is a group of PHASA members who share a passion for a particular area within the discipline of public health.

What are the benefits of establishing SIGs?

A SIG is an ideal opportunity for networking, sharing of knowledge and collaboration between PHASA members working in a particular field.  As formally recognised structures within PHASA, SIGs are able to provide input and influence PHASA’s direction with respect to issues within their areas of expertise. SIGs form an integral part of PHASA’s advocacy efforts.

What SIGs currently exist within PHASA?

PHASA has the following 8 active SIGs:

  1. Climate, Energy and Health SIG
  2. Dental Public Health (SIG)
  3. Epidemiology SIG
  4. Health Information and Technology SIG
  5. Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR) SIG
  6. Integrative, Complementary, Alternative and Traditional Health Practice (I­CATHP) SIG
  7. Mental Health SIG
  8. Undergraduate Public Health Education SIG
  9. Arts and Health SIG
  10. Health Promotion SIG

How does one apply for recognition of a SIG that does not currently exist?

Please complete the SIG Application form and e-mail it to: secretariat@phasa.org.za

How does one join an existing SIG?

If you are not an existing member of PHASA, simply indicate the SIG(s) you wish to join when completing the PHASA membership registration form. For existing members, log in and update those details on your profile.


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