JuPHASA was established in 2013 at the 1st annual PHASA student assembly at the CTICC in Cape Town, South Africa during the 9th Annual PHASA Conference. JuPHASA is made up of youth aged 15-35 years who seek to advocate and therefore increase student and youth involvement in Public Health. The Junior Executive Committee was established to advise PHASA on strategies to engage young people in health and public health in its entirety.

JuPHASA represents youth and students in public health and public health system at local, national and international platforms. The input from JuPHASA helps PHASA develop appropriate policies across the public health scope in order to address issues related to students and their role in the public health initiative and therefore addresses issues related to student empowerment and development in health. JuPHASA continuously advocates and seeks to strengthen student and youth participation in PHASA and other PHASA related links and networks formed.


To be a youth-led organisation addressing public health issues that affect young people in public health and public health system users in South Africa


To unite and speak with one voice to advocate, implement and influence policies that protect communities, society and public health services for sustainable development in South Africa⁠⁠⁠⁠