I am busy with a Master of Public Health. What kind of job will I be able to get?

Public Health professionals work in very different functions at various organisations. In order to get an impression of the possibilities, have a look at the vacancies posted in the job board on the PHASA website.

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  1. Which universities that offer fellowship in Public health?
    what are the requirement?
    How many years?

  2. Dear Egide, You should approach individual universities that offer the degree/specialization you want if they have fellowships. We don’t have an overview of that; this also changes over time. Requirements and the duration of the course also differ per degree/university. In general they want an honours degree in a health related field for an MPH. Duration is often at least 2 years. Kind regards, Annette

  3. Annette I am currently finishing my degree in human physiology this year. I intend on taken a diploma in Public health next year therefore would like to visit PHASA and see the work that people there do and the type of environment that the organization has as i intend on working there one day.

    • Dear Hilda, PHASA is an organisation of volunteers and we do not have an office or staff. The exec members all have a job, and are involved in PHASA in their free time. So unfortunately you can’t viset us. What you can do to get an impression of the work public health professionals do is have a look at the vacancy section on the website. Good luck with your plans. Kind regards, Annette

  4. Dear Annette,

    I work as a lecturer and also a public health part time student. I am a trained journalist as well. I would love to do volunteer work for your website (if there is any), as part of a learning process.


    • Dear Phakisin, Thanks for your offer. What would be helpful is when you would write short news items on things that come into the media related to public health. You can then forward these to me for checking and uploading to the website. Would that be something you would be interested in? Please contact me directly ( to discuss further. Kind regards, Annette

  5. Hello,
    I am a Medical Practitioner graduated from the university of kinshasa in Democratic Republic of Congo, currently a student at the university of South Africa in Public Health, I am looking for a volunteer or internship job in the field of public health in South Africa or abroad.

    Kind Regards

    Dr Johnny Ewango Yamalulu

    • Dear Johnny, Please keep a eye out on the vacancy website and you can also post a message on our forum Kind regards, Annette

  6. Dear Annette,
    I am a master student studying public health. Many do not understand the objectives of public health as a preventive entity that aims at protecting health of populations not individuals and reducing inequalities. As a PHASA member, is there a way I can contribute by adding educative posts and articles?

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